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Asian supermarket, 82nd, Fred Meyer, SF Supermarket, Foster Road, 82nd Avenue, southeast, Portland, Oregon
With multitudes of bright green basket shopping carts at hand, shoppers took their place in a long line, eager for the grand opening of the “SF Supermarket” on the edge of the Foster-Powell neighborhood. (Photo by David F. Ashton)

Huge Asian supermarket opens in former ‘Foster Road Fred Meyer’


A new grocery store opening typically attracts only modest attention.

But, the grand opening celebration of the “Shun Fat” (“SF”, on the sign) Supermarket, officially 5253 S.E. 82nd Avenue of Roses at Foster Road, on Friday morning, June 14, actually drew a crowd of hundreds.

At daybreak, eager shoppers were already lining up, each pushing one of the market’s emerald green shopping carts, waiting their turn to enter the new store, which is situated in part of a former Fred Meyer Store.

According to the owner, Hieu Tran, he opened his first grocery store in 1993 to serve the Chinese community of Monterey Park, California, in east Los Angeles, and has since expanded to 14 stores – this being his first one in Oregon.

Parking was scarce in the lot, a large section of which had been cordoned off for the grand opening celebration – including an area set aside for fireworks, which was being carefully guarded by a Portland Fire & Rescue Battalion Chief.

Most of the growing crowd calmly waited for the program to begin, but one eager shopper dashed under the barrier tape. Security officers kept others from following her, and safely returned the lady back behind the line.

In front of the store, a food offering table – a Buddhist tradition – was reverently set up, complete with incense, roasted pigs, fruits, and vegetables.

“On behalf of our Chairman, Mr. Hieu Tran, this is our proudest moment – to introduce to you to this new supermarket, here in Southeaast Portland,” exclaimed “SF Supermarket” Manager Portland Huy Trieu, to begin the opening celebration. “This is the result of hard work – and coordination from everyone present – [that you will] see today when you enter our store; we hope you will love and patronize our store!

“We are providing more variety of healthy and nutritious food, because we believe that food brings people together,” Trieu went on. “The supermarket is more than a grocery store – it is a cultural experience; so, please accept our sincere appreciation for welcoming ‘SF Supermarket’.”

This former Fred Meyer building occupies a square block and is now named “Emmert International Marketplace”. It will also contain other smaller businesses, in addition to the SF Supermarket, said owner Terry Emmert.

“This has been a great project, and we’re very pleased to be working with SF Supermarket,” Emmert told the crowd. “Wait till you see inside; you’re going to be impressed. We want this to be the hub of our community, so that this becomes the new ‘Boardwalk’ of Portland.”

Escorted off the stage, Emmert held a burning road flare and lit the end of a string of 10,000 firecrackers. Guests held their ears; the explosions went off safely, but were deafening.

In a surprisingly orderly fashion, the hundreds of new customers then filed into the store – where some busily basketed merchandise, while others just looked around in awe at the products displayed for sale.

If you’d like to know more, there’s a website –

Meantime, nearby full-service Fred Meyer stores remain open at S.E. Hawthorne Boulevard at Chavez (formerly 39th), and at S.E. 82nd at Johnson Creek Boulevard.

Vine Gogh, painting, wine, Westmoreland, southeast, Portland, Oregon
Students at work in an acrylic painting session, at Vine Gogh Artist Bar and Studio in Westmoreland. (Photo by Rita A. Leonard)

Success story: Vine Gogh Artist Bar and Studio in Westmoreland


When Jenny and Paul Schildan founded “Vine Gogh Artist Bar and Studio” on S.E. 13th Avenue in Sellwood back in 2011, it was Portland’s first “Sip and Paint” studio.

With over sixty years of art experience between them, the two had decided to share what they knew and loved about art. They felt that everyone could be an artist with a little guidance, enjoying the relaxing and therapeutic nature of art, while enjoying the satisfaction of completing a final product.

Later on, finding their business model to be a success, they relocated to 6802 S.E. Milwaukie Avenue, between Bybee Boulevard and the Moreland Theater.

These days, Vine Gogh not only has easels and paint, but has expanded its on-site bar to serve a variety of wines, beer, cider, coffee, and sodas, as well as a few snacks for kids and adults. And Jenny and Paul have found this concept works.

Kids’ classes are held every Saturday at 11 a.m., and have included acrylic painting, creating terrariums, and sculpturing with polymer clay. “We allow kids on-site until 9 p.m.,” explains hostess/instructor Analese Nechvatal. “We often set up holiday-themed painting classes for them, working on canvas or wooden boards. We don’t do oil paints, but do offer aprons, easels, and art supplies for students.”

Some eight instructors are employed by Vine Gogh, which also has offered classes in decoupage, and gold leaf. “We’ve done watercolor painting in the past, and hope to offer classes in that medium again in the future,” remarks Nechvatal. During a recent class attended by THE BEE, instructor Tanya Nelsen led eight women, coming in from various Portland suburbs, in painting an acrylic scene.

Students recommend the studio as a fun activity for people with all skill levels to engage in with family and friends. Simple instructions break down the process into easy steps. Vine Gogh is also willing to host business and birthday parties for groups of interested clients.

“Vine Gogh” is open usually Wednesdays through Sundays – and they also hold painting sessions out of the area at least once a month, at places like Skamania Lodge, or “Love Bites by Carnie” in Sherwood. For dates, times, and classes, go online – – or call 971/266-8983.

Portland Mercado, Foster Road, fourth anniversary, Foster Powell, southeast, Portland, Oregon
In the Foster-Powell neighborhood, the Portland Mercado celebrated the fourth anniversary of its opening. (Photo by David F. Ashton)

Fiesta marks Portland Mercado’s 4th year on Foster Road


In May of 2014, upon an abandoned used car lot in the Foster-Powell neighborhood at S.E. Foster Road and 72nd Avenue, Hacienda Community Development Corporation started a year-long effort to create what they named “Portland Mercado”.

Since it officially opened on April 11, 2015, and through its entrepreneurship and cultural programs, the Portland Mercado has supported the launch and growth of over a hundred small businesses in Portland.

The success of the Portland Mercado was evident at the fiesta held on May 25.

“Today, we’re celebrating the ‘aniversario cuatro’ – our fourth anniversary – of the transformation of this corner into a place where we’re elevating small businesses by giving opportunities for Latinx entrepreneurs to succeed,” smiled Portland Mercado Director Shea Flaherty-Betin.

“This year’s theme, ‘Dream 4 More’, honors our community’s challenges, successes, and unstoppable drive towards building better lives for those we love,” Flaherty-Betin told THE BEE. “This is the Mercado’s biggest annual event – where families, friends, and community come together to enjoy live music, drinks, art, and authentically diverse flavors.”

The Mercado is more than just the food carts visible from Foster Road, Flaherty-Betin pointed out. “We have 19 businesses operating on-site; and another 70 businesses are making use of our affordable commercial kitchen here. And then, in our advising and mentoring program, as many as 60 businesses are receiving technical assistance!”

At the celebration, guests were enjoying Latinx food that Flaherty-Betin said can’t be found anywhere else in Portland – including Puerto Rican, Cuban, Peruvian, Brazilian, and Columbian dishes, while listening to music and watching dance performances.

At a conservative estimate, based on sales alone, he told THE BEE that the Mercando’s operations represent about $1 million a year economic impact. “We see this economic impact trickling back into the community with jobs, opportunities and the opportunity to have businesses.

“So that’s why, today, we’re having this day-long party to celebrate with our community, and share our culture with our neighborhood,” Flaherty-Betin beamed.

Find out more about the Portland Mercado online –


Florence Gerber, Association of Home Businesses, Portland, Oregon
The speaker at the July AHB meeting is personal time-management expert Florence Gerber, who’ll show how you can make more time for yourself while still taking care of business.

“Get a life, as well as a business!” Time Management, at AHB meeting: The speaker at the July meeting of “The Association of Home Businesses” is Florence Gerber, MBA, of Organizers Northwest. “Want more time during your day to do other things than business? If so, this is the workshop for you. Attendees will identify time-consuming tasks in their lives, learn improvement opportunities, and create a plan to reduce the time to do them.” Take time to attend AHB this month! The nonprofit association meets on the third Thursday evening of each month at SMILE Station in Sellwood at 6 p.m. – for three hours of camaraderie, networking, a buffet supper, and an interesting and relevant speaker. In July, that’s the 18th. Whether you’re a home businessperson or not, you’re welcome to attend! Door fee of $10 covers it all. RSVP requested for each attendee for meal planning. Call 503/232-2326 to RSVP. More information on the group is online –

Rose City Coffee announces meeting of HOCUS, with readings: Brooklyn’s Rose City Coffee, at 3370 S.E. Milwaukie Avenue, will be hosting a meeting of the local HOCUS writers group – with readings on the theme of “Rites and Rituals” 7 to 9 p.m. on Wednesday evening, July 17. Open to the public. “Expect some mingling with fellow readers and writers, some revelatory readings, and a ceremonial Burning of the Rejection Slip.” Learn more about HOCUS online –

Windermere Moreland, Westmoreland, Portland, Oregon, Windermere Stellar, real estate
A broker from the Windermere Moreland office on S.E. Bybee Boulevard volunteers at Gilbert Park School.

Windermere brokers in school cleanup project: Brokers from Windermere Realty Trust's Westmoreland office took the day off from showing houses on Friday, June 7, to spend the day volunteering at Gilbert Park SUN Community School – helping organize, and assisting with onsite gardening. It was part of the 35th annual companywide Community Service Day.

Ardenwald gets a farm stand: Thompson Farms, based in Damascus, Oregon, is selling a seasonal selection of local and organic produce two days a week in the Ardenwald/Johnson Creek neighborhood starting on June 18th, continuing through September. The farm stand is located at 32nd Avenue and Wake Street, in the “Lisac’s Fireplaces” parking lot, and is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Westmoreland Dairy Queen to be replaced by a bank: Many in Westmoreland have been disappointed to learn that the owner of the property on which the community’s only family fast food restaurant sits, the venerable the Dairy Queen at S.E. Milwaukie Avenue at Tolman Street, has filed for permits to convert the property into a Chase Bank branch. No date has yet been announced for the closing of the Dairy Queen.

Foster Area Tasting Tour hosted by FABA on July 20: From 2 until 10 p.m. on Saturday, July 20, it’s a “family-friendly Tasting Tour”, hosted by the Foster Area Business Association (FABA). During the tour you can try everything from booze to board games. Start out at any of the participating businesses, pick up your passport book, and start tasting! Go to the Tasting Tour event webpage for details – – Not only will you get a raffle entry for collecting your secret letter, you can also win prizes by filling up your Tasting Tour passport! Various Locations on S.E. Foster Road, between Powell Boulevard and 82nd Avenue.

Vintage Trailers, book, Sellwood, southeast, Portland, Oregon
New book by a Sellwood resident.
“Vintage Trailer Guide” published by Sellwood author: Bob Thompson is a 27-year Sellwood resident, describes himself as “a longtime BEE reader”, and he reports he has recently completed a book five years in the making entitled “The Illustrated Field Guide to Vintage Trailers” with co-author Carl Jameson. He reports that research for the book included multiple trips to Elkhart, Indiana, as well as visits to vintage trailer rallies up and down the West Coast. “The book is an A-to-Z compendium of the most information on manufacturers and models, which tips on how to identify them and detailed history and factoids. The publisher immediately loved the idea and we were off to the races to produce the 320-page field guide. It was officially released in February this year, and has been so well-received that it is already in a second printing, plus we’ve been getting great reviews from trailer lovers who have been waiting for something complete and informative.” Available at bookstores; and on Amazon –

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