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Mount Scott Fuel, 100th anniversary, Southeast Portland, Oregon
Mt. Scott Fuel’s Vice President, Clay Tyler, stands next to a photo of the company’s founder – who is also his great grandfather – Edward Tyler. (Photo by David F. Ashton)

‘Mt. Scott Fuel’ celebrates centennial


Back in the day, when S.E. Foster Road was primarily a farm-to-market road connecting the Lents neighborhood to Portland, the Mt. Scott Fuel Company began serving homes and businesses that were appearing in the area.

That was just one century ago.

“Here today, on July 20, our company is celebrating our 100th anniversary,” exclaimed the company’s Vice President, Clay Tyler.

“I am the fourth generation in the family operating the business, started by my great-grandfather, Edward Tyler, in what’s become the Foster-Powell neighborhood; and the business has been growing ever since,” Tyler told THE BEE.

From its start until about 1918, the company was just supplying firewood for furnaces and stoves; but then it began offering “coal” briquettes, and later heating oil – and today it provides “pressed logs” for fireplaces, and pellets for pellet stoves.

“It’s true; a lot of people have come to know us for landscape supplies, too,” Tyler said.

The bark dust business started when a sawmill owner – a good friend of his grandfather – brought a few loads of it, which landscaping companies snapped up. “So, having started this in the late 1950s, we were perhaps one of the first in the Pacific Northwest to sell bark dust as landscaping covering,” remarked Tyler.

The company now has 22 employees, working both at their famous Foster Road location and a newer site in Boring, Oregon.

“Now being surrounded by the neighborhood, there are challenges; so, we do the very best we can to make everyone happy, to be good neighbors, and to keep our customers satisfied with our business,” Tyler said.

“It’s great having our longtime customers come by,” Tyler mused, “But the best part is knowing that our founder would be proud that the family business has continued and flourished; he’d really have loved to see this day.”

To learn more about the Mt. Scott Fuel Company, see their website:

Justin Hintze, Jojo's Food Cart, Southeast Portland, Oregon
Justin Hintze, owner of Jojo's Food Cart, poses by his distinctive light blue food truck at its new location on Powell Boulevard. (Rita A. Leonard)

Noted food cart moves from Sellwood to new Powell mall


Jojo's distinctive light blue food cart developed a substantial following while anchored in the parking lot of a carwash, a half block north of Tacoma Street on S.E. 17th in Sellwood, where it opened in October of 2018. But now, its Sellwood and Westmoreland customers are going to have to do some driving to dine there.

Deciding to relocate to someplace “offering more space and easier access”, owner Juistin Hintze has moved his food truck to the permanent Food Cart Pod in the new mall being developed at S.E. 35th and Powell Boulevard – the former site of The Original Taco House.

Hintze developed the business based on what he describes as his personal delight in “creating the most delicious version of thick, fried potato wedges I could think of.” He considers his truck as mainly a sandwich cart, with a menu of fried chicken sandwiches, burgers, sides, & his own crunchy double-fried jojo's.

By summer of this year, his was rated as one of the ten best food carts in Portland, according to a local newspaper poll. At his new location on Powell Boulevard, he has joined a select group of food cart operators where he and a fulltime employee can spend their time “creating fast food delicacies customized with bacon, ranch, and hot sauce dressings.” They share five picnic tables with another nearby food cart.

Hintze, a Brooklyn man, is a self-taught ‘hobby cook’. “I tried out recipes online until I developed crunchy ones that I really liked,” he tells THE BEE. He also makes his own pickles. “So far, the southern Fried Chicken Sandwich is the favorite order,” he notes. “It's a boneless, skin-on chicken thigh, smoked and then fried, served with coleslaw, house pickles, and jojo fry sauce. We also have a beef ‘smash burger’ with a real crisp crust. We have a diverse menu, and a lot of people come in for our specials.”

Jojo’s is open Sunday through Thursday 11-7 p.m., and Friday and Saturday 11-8 p.m. “But we’re closed when the outdoor temps go over 90 degrees,” Hintze demurs, “because it’s usually 10-15 degrees hotter inside, when you’re cooking!”

For more info, phone 503/309-4768, or go online –

Summerville, Sellwood Moreland Business Alliance, SMBA, Westmoreland, Southeast Portland, Oregon
Set up in front of SMILE Station during “Summerville”, Moreland Farmers Market Board Member Kristen Eberlin served up custom-blended granola for Olivia French, while mom and dad Bert and Lisa look on. (Photo by David F. Ashton)

SMBA’s ‘Summerville’ draws patrons for sales and fun


Neighbors came out to celebrate with the business community on August 3 at the annual “Summerville” promotion put on by participating members of the Sellwood Moreland Business Alliance (SMBA).

“During our neighborhood’s summer celebration, local shops and service providers – no outside vendors! – entertain visitors of all ages,” explained current SMBA President President Hailey Percival, of the Edward Jones office in Sellwood.

Many visitors to “Summerville” took the free trolley rides looping through the S.E. 13th Avenue, Tacoma Street, Bybee Boulevard, and Milwaukie Avenue business areas, she said.

“It’s far more than a collection of sidewalk sales,” observed Percival. “There are fun free activities going on at several locations across the district; and, at the same time, it’s a great opportunity for neighbors to shop the specials, and engage with the local business community.” 

The mandate of the SMBA is to continue providing a vibrant business district, Percival commented. “Shopping local, and supporting local businesses and restaurants, is important -- and ‘Summerville’ is a great chance to remind the neighbors that we’re here for our neighbors, and about what each of these businesses brings to the neighborhood.”

To learn more about the Sellwood Moreland Business Alliance – and easy ways to “shop local” – go online to

Hapa PDX, Creston Kenilworth, Japanese Hawaiian, restaurant, Gladstone Street, Southeast Portland, Oregon
The Japanese-Hawaiian food of the new “Hapa PDX” restaurant is inspired by the owners’ years of growing up in Hawai’i. Pictured are co-owners Michael and Sarah Littman, with one of their three children – Skye – who is a first grader in the Japanese Immersion program at Richmond Elementary. (Photo by Elizabeth Ussher Groff)

Japanese-Hawaiian cuisine follows ‘Shut Up and Eat’ on Gladstone Street


When the popular sandwich shop “Shut Up and Eat” closed last March at 3848 S.E. Gladstone, in Creston-Kenilworth, many in Southeast Portland felt they had lost a neighborhood asset.

The restaurant gave no explanation for its closing; but now the space is once again occupied by an eatery.

The new establishment is called “Hapa PDX”, and opened in early August.  Hapa is a Japanese-Hawaiian restaurant, specializing in authentic ramen dishes – made using Japanese methods, and Hawaiian and Asian ingredients.

This is the first brick and mortar location for “Hapa PDX”; formerly, Hapa’s specialty ramen bowls were served from a food cart. In 2013 Hapa took over the “Shut Up and Eat” food cart location on SE Division and 52st when “Shut up and Eat” moved to the storefront on Gladstone Street.

The “Hapa PDX” food cart then went to S.E. 28th and Division for four years, followed by a year on N.E. Halsey at 60th Avenue. Now it has followed “Shut Up and Eat” into this fixed location.

As for the name – “Hapa” means “half,” and “Hapa PDX” co-owners Michael and Sarah Littman tell THE BEE they’ve named their business “Hapa” because they are culturally “half and half”, each one having one parent that is Asian and one that is Caucasian. They were born and raised in Hawai’i and their food is inspired by their respective cultures.

The Littmans have been in Portland since 2004, and have lived in the Brentwood-Darlington neighborhood for 2½ years. They had been looking for a permanent restaurant location in Southeast Portland for quite a while; they searched Division Street for eighteen months, but found nothing.

When “Shut Up and Eat” closed on S.E. Gladstone in March, the Littmans and five other entrepreneurs presented proposals to the landlord. Shortly afterward, “Hapa PDX” was chosen to be the new business there. They again will be inhabiting a former “Shut Up and Eat” location – just a happy coincidence.

The Gladstone space is relatively close to the Littmans’ home and to the three schools that their children attend.

Michael has overseen renovation of the kitchen, but says that fortunately it was left in good shape by its former occupant.  He is proud of the specialty woods and materials that they have used. The restaurant has an open kitchen and a stainless steel hood over the range, so customers can watch their food being prepared and cooked.

In addition to the ramen dishes, there is a permanent menu as well as a seasonal menu.  All ingredients are local, say the Littmans – proteins from local farms; fish from the Oregon coast; local and sea-based vegetables and spices.  They will serve their award- winning house broth and chicken bone broth with different kinds of ramen.

A recent vegan, Michael is designing a vegan menu, including a ramen in a miso broth, prepared in the seitan-katsu method of cooking.  And there will be poke made with albacore tuna, salmon, or yellow fin tuna, because, as Michael says, “In Hawai’i we eat poke every day.”

Sarah, who was a Fine Art major at New York University (sculpture and ceramics), is “good with her hands, and in the kitchen”, and has designed the main menus.  In Portland she was professionally trained by Japanese Ramen Chef Nakazawa.  Sarah will be the head chef at “Hapa PDX”.

“It [chef training] was a long and demanding process, and she almost quit; but it has paid off. It took three days of cooking to make a perfect broth!” relates Michael, who adds that the “Hapa PDX” kitchen is very clean because of the cleanliness techniques Sarah learned from her Master Chef.

As for what to wash it all down with – Michael has been good friends for years with Portland whiskey guru Stuart Ramsey and is excited to have Ramsey’s whiskey as well as local Momokawa sake from Hillsboro and beer brewed in Japan paired with ramen dishes and agi tofu. In addition to the special ale, sake, and whiskey, and guava and lychee infused cocktails, Happy Hours will also include iced tea, hot tea, house guava, and lychee soda.

For more information on the new restaurant, go online –


G O A T, Sellwood, Southeast Portland, Oregon
Grant Blodgette, a 2019 graduate of Linfield College, has opened apparel store “G.O.A.T. Sports & Street Style” across from the library in Sellwood.

Sellwood’s got your GOAT: Grant Blodgette writes, “I just recently opened a new retail store in Sellwood at 7834 S.E. 13th (just north of the Sellwood Library). Our store name is ‘G.O.A.T. Sports & Street Style’, and we offer a unique curation of vintage and rare sports-related apparel that cannot be found at mass retailers. I’m looking forward to being part of the community here. We’re open every day of the week except for Wednesdays, with restocks of fresh merchandise hitting the floor all day every day.” The store’s website is – – and its phone number is 503/231-6010.

Mercedes-Benz shoots car commercial in Sellwood: Janice Condit, co-owner (with Richard Johnson) of the Piknik Park food cart pod on S.E. Tacoma Street in in Sellwood, advises that Mercedes Benz did a film shoot of their 2020 car at Piknik Park food pod in Sellwood on the morning of Tuesday. Janice says, “Richard and I are especially proud to have them pick our site, out of all the many other food pods in this city. We love that they chose our wonderful neighborhood, and thought other people in the area would enjoy hearing how our community was singled out.”

“Woodstock Gives Back” promotion returns: The annual “Woodstock Gives Back” merchant promotion and nonprofit support campaign in the Woodstock area of Southeast Portland will be on Sunday, September 8, this year – with concurrent business sales and contests to add excitement. This year, a related event – “Pubs Give Back” – will be added on Saturday evening, September 7. Participating businesses donate a portion of their sales during the announced date to a charity they have chosen to benefit. For more, visit –

Businesses opening at new Foster Road site: REACH Community Development recently celebrated the grand opening of “72Foster”, an intergenerational, mixed-use building, creating 101 permanently affordable housing serving both seniors and families, as previously reported in THE BEE. However, “72Foster” also provided 8,900 square feet of ground floor retail to serve the growing neighborhood. According to REACH, the new retail tenants soon moving in are all locally-owned and operated businesses in Portland – Pizzeria Otto, Red Castle Games, and Tea & Tea. One retail/restaurant space in the building is still available.

Home Business Assn. meeting shares discount printing secrets: The area-wide, independent “Association of Home Businesses”, based in Sellwood, at its monthly meeting on the third Thursday evening of each month (6-9 p.m., at SMILE Station, S.E. 13th, a block south of Tacoma Street) offers networking, a buffet dinner, and a speaker on relevant topics to small businesses. In September, the presentation is by Gus Hill, Owner-Operator of “Make It So Printing”, a Print Media Broker. He’s been handling the printing for the Sellwood-Moreland Business Alliance business association for years, and has been on its Board. Being a print media broker means he has access to literally tens of thousands of wholesale printers, locally and nationally, giving him the ability to get customers the best exact printing needed at the best price. He will share technical advice on how to prepare files for printing, and ideas on how small businesses can use printing to generate new business. Guests welcome; $10 at the door includes dinner; RSVPs requested for meal planning – call 503/232-2326, or go online –

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